Indian Delegates to Gwangju Acefair 2022

Indian Delegates to Gwangju Acefair 2022


Based in Singapore and spread in India, Philippines and Vietnam. Connecting with the best talent pool from across the world.

“Funsaga” is an enterprise personified by its resilience, creativity, and customer focus. We continuously seek to improve, mend for the betterment of our overall process of production, in order to deliver the best.

Led by Deepak Jadhav who made an indelible impression on the industry with his unique blend of business excellence, skill, and ability to handle projects of any size.

Indian delegation to acefair 2022
Indian delegation to acefair 2022


A true pioneer in South Indian film entertainment, AP International was founded in 1958. From beginning, it’s odyssey releasing audio cassettes and compact discs, AP International has since made rapid strides with the acquisition, co-production and distribution of Tamil and Malayalam films across theatrical, television and other formats.

AP International began its odyssey releasing audio cassettes and compact discs. Within a short span of time AP International has made rapid strides forward with a focus on production and distribution of home entertainment products through Blu-ray. DVD, VCD and Audio CDs. AP International is now moving forward to merchandise its software (ownership of Copyrights) into the digital world of entertainment through Satellite, Airborne, IPTV, Internet, DTH, VOD, PayTV etc.

IN10 Media
IN10 Media is a network with a plethora of offerings across the media and entertainment sector. With deeply entrenched roots in the creative community and a long-standing association with premium content, it has businesses across Broadcast: EPIC, ShowBox, Filamchi, Gubbare Ishara & Nazara; Digital: EPIC ON & DocuBay; Production: Juggernaut Productions; and Gaming: Platanista, covering every aspect of the content life-cycle across platforms.

Led by Aditya Pittie, IN10 Media Network has its efforts focused on building world-class brands that are the epitome of quality content.

Indian delegation to acefair 2022
Indian delegation to acefair 2022

Prismart Productions

Prismart was established in 2010 by the vision of Mr. Deepak Deopa. He started the company by the name of Gyan Era Learning Solutions Pvt. ltd. (GELS). His vision is to bring the latest and most advanced technological tools from Production to education segment for providing better education standard to the schools and considering this, the first step was to create a good strong team of 3D animators which can produce Feature Film standard output and creating with them developing premium quality content from preprimary segment to Class 5.

Thus providing best education solution and continued it for K12 education which never had been established in such a manner.

Hi-Tech Animation Studio

Hi-Tech Animation is an India based animation production studio with a state-of-the-art production facility with offices located at Kolkata and Mumbai. Other than having a production company, Hi-Tech Animation has a line of premier training institutes in Eastern India.

Our animation studio boasts of an esteemed array of national and international clients like Sony Yay, Nick, Byju’s, Cartoon Network, Zee News, ABP Ananda, Zee Bangla, SITI Group of Channels, to name a few. We are doing Domestic as well as International Projects and are also involved in creating our own IP. Our highly experienced artists and team with creative heads having in-depth knowledge of the animation industry give us the expertise tag when it comes to providing specialized animation, VFX, Film making and other services to the world.

Indian delegation to acefair 2022


Virtualsoft has a reliable pipeline for all Game Art, Design and Development.

  1. Production Studio for Game Design, with special focus on Game Art.
  2. We also are happy to help with all 3D Asset (we’re a leading seller at Turbosquid)
  3. We also have a research team working on AR/ VR (Augment Reality/ Virtual Reality Spaces).

Besides, we seek Country partners for co-production of their Animated Feature/ TV Series “Dreams of Sheikh Chilli”!

Indian delegation to acefair 2022